New!! Consultations

Integrity Landscapes Plus is now offering consultation services. This is a great place to start if you know you want to make changes, but have no idea where to begin. We will go through the process with you step by step. Consultations include:

  • Initial assessment of property making recommendations along the way
  • Discuss plans for new landscape or hardscape
  • Discuss steps to improve existing landscape
  • Inspection of irrigation system providing information to improve system operation, determine appropriate coverage needs, & conserve water

Consultations (up to two hours) cost $150 and are backed by 38 years of experience. We are also a licensed NC Landscape Contractor, NC Irrigation Contractor, and NC Ground Pesticide Applicator.

Integrity Landscapes Plus still offers design services with pricing determined by the size of the project. As always if you know exactly what you are looking for regarding installation or maintenance, Integrity Landscapes Plus still provides free estimates.